the journey to financial freedom through investing in multifamily real estate

So you can live life on your terms, find fulfillment, and enjoy the lifestyle you have always wished for.

Come along the journey to financial freedom thru multifamily real estate investing

So you can live life on your terms, find fulfillment, and enjoy the lifestyle you have always wished for.

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Why I Choose Multifamily Real Estate?

After going through several transactions that were very involved (managing contractors, securing financing, establishing relationships with private investors, managing tenants, the list goes on) I thought to myself, “Man! I could do the same thing but have bigger results".

With multifamily deals, the effort is not much greater but the returns absolutely are. It is the educational piece in multifamily that differs, and that is precisely what I have focused on. And interestingly enough, the risk profile of multifamily is lower than investing in residential real estate. More doors = less risk.

I’ve fallen in love with real estate because of the control it gives me over my return. No other asset class allows you to buy at a discount, force appreciation through value add, put cash in your pocket each month, and use other people’s money to do it. It's the same strategy I have found success with in residential real estate but now on a bigger scale, and best of all the same rules apply.

Investing in real estate can afford you financial freedom – and on your terms! You can be as active as you want, or as passive as you want and still build the generational wealth that allows you to live life on your terms while creating something special to pass down to your family. For me it's the desire to spend more time adventuring, traveling, and valuable time with family and friends. What’s awesome is multifamily real estate can get you there faster, and make a much greater financial impact. I chose to start my multifamily journey for these reasons and hope to help you achieve your own version of freedom along your journey.

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About Blake

I find myself lucky to serve as an Officer in the United States Air Force and am pleased to share my experiences as a real estate investor. In my day job I manage multi-million dollar service contracts at Tyndall Air Force Base as part of the Base Rebuild Strategy that commands a $5 billion budget, and I currently own over $1M worth of real estate. I am also extremely passionate about earning financial freedom, getting there through real estate, and helping others along the way. I am on my own journey to financial freedom and I'm passing along my lessons learned along the way to help flatten the curve for others.

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