Blake Dailey

I absolutely LOVE real estate and the power it has to completely change around a person's finances and how it can open up their world to new possibilities. It has done exactly that for my wife and I when we in our first year reached the point of financial independence with our properties, where our net cash flow exceeded my W2 income.

I am still full time active duty and she recently earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Baylor University, so we both work full time. But by hustling over the last year we have acquired 117 units (A mix of residential multifamily, commercial multifamily, and commercial short-term rentals which I affectionately call BrrrrBNB's) and have more than replaced my active duty income - and we are still growing! Now I focus my content on opening those same doors for other people.

I'm a huge proponent of using real estate to create the lifestyle I want to live and create massive wealth for myself and my family. The kind of wealth where I don't have to worry about my next paycheck to pay the bills . Growing up, I saw what kind of stress living paycheck to paycheck brings. It puts pressure on a family, and I knew that I wanted something more for my own family. I want a life of abundance and positive impact - and help others achieve the same!

So I set myself on a path to financial freedom so that I could do and experience more. I am also a free spirit and want to create a lifestyle where my money works for me and I’m not burdened by money - to have the freedom to do what I want, when I want. So naturally I chose the military right off the bat (sarcastic because I gave up a lot of freedoms at first, but it all worked out) and went into the Air Force after receiving a football scholarship offer to the United States Air Force Academy.

While at the Academy, in between morning formations and smashing my head into other people on the football field, where I played inside linebacker, I read this little book called Rich Dad Poor Dad and it immediately opened my mind to new possibilities. Along the way I married my high school sweetheart (who has been instrumental in helping me grow and operate our current portfolio) and commissioned as an officer in the Air Force.

Shortly after I graduated, my wife and I bought our first single family property which we house-hacked. I began to send direct mail to owners of distressed properties in the area, and quickly started buying and fixing up hurricane damaged homes before I completely knew how. In the process, I fell in love with the ability to cash flow and create wealth with real estate. However, during all this progress, I realized I could refocus the effort I was putting towards rehabbing single-family homes and small multi-units and knockout much bigger deals and achieve my goals faster.

I realized that commercial multifamily would be the best strategy because I could take advantage of the economies of scale, increased efficiencies, and ability for passive income.
I am on my multifamily journey like you, so I don't have all the answers but am working to get them. I do tell it how it is and I try to give a real look into what it takes to be successful in real estate.

With me you are hearing it as it's happening, no smoke and mirrors, no masterful marketing tactics - just a look into what it actually takes to build a portfolio with the hope that you can follow my steps if you choose, learn from my mistakes and experiences, and get the takeaways that help you achieve your own version of financial freedom.

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